Valley Pivot Parts Manual

An Official

Circle B Irrigation Advantage

  • ​Circle B Irrigation is the authorized dealer for Valley Pivots in Northern Utah, Southern Idaho and Western Wyoming
  • Specialize in designing, selling, installing and servicing all makes of Valley Pivots
  • We are a certified Valley service dealer
  • Valley parts dealer; with extensive spare parts department
  • Service personnel are trained in Valley
  • Technology & certified annually by Valley
  • Experience to service all brands of irrigation equipment​

Superior Products

  • ​Innovative Center, Linear & Corner Pivots
  • Precise Sprinkler Packages
  • Reliable Drive Trains for all applications
  • Durable Structures with traction and flotation options
  • Polyspan
  • Cable Theft Protection
  • Parts & Upgrades

Performance Plus Dealer

The Leader in Precision Irrigation.

Irrigation Management

  • Drought Solutions
  • Specialty Applications
  • Maintenance Tips and Service Plans
  • Irrigation Comparisons

Learn More

(435) 787-1988 | 4075 N HIGHWAY 91, HYDE PARK, UTAH 84318

Control Technology

  • Control Panels to monitor and control your water application 24/7
  • Base-Station 3: state of the art irrigation controls
  • Tracker SP
  • Variable Rate Irrigation
  • GPS Solutions

Valley brand pivots consistently outperforms other brands in all field conditions.  

No matter your field size or problem, we will provide you with the equipment and technology to achieve maximum productivity and profitability. 

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