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A picture speaks a thousand words. The quality of this photograph is more clear and accurate. This provides our design team the competitive edge that is required to produce an effective and precise irrigation system. 

User Friendly Layout

After the design is complete, we lighten the background image. This allows the detail of the irrigation design to stand out in an easy format. 

Jaymes Monson

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Rainbird Irrigation
Hunter Irrigation

Residential Sprinkler

Residential Design Team

Jain Irrigation

Google Images or Drone Photos

The First Step in our design is to capture an image and set the property to scale. Google Earth is a powerful tool to capture this image but it has its limitations.

Drone Photography

Perspective Images

Every site has existing opportunities and constrains. Using these perspective images helps our team to design around the constraints and to maximize the opportunities. Not everything can be seen from a bird's eye view. 

​​Irrigation Design

Circle B Irrigation is proud to provide the best design and costumer service in the valley. We include head to head sprinkler coverage and double coverage in our design process. Cutting corners is not an option. 

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