Galvanized double water inlet
Pressure gauge (glycerine bath)
Mechanical lifting of drawbar
Safety guards
Hot galvanized chassis and turret
Reel coated by epoxy resin and painted with polyurethane paint
Stabilizers on drawbar (R4/2A)

Hydraulic lifting device of trolley
Safety guards made of steel, swaged galvanized and painted
Polyethylene hose made by unadulterated raw material

Why Ocmis?

We realize you have a choice when it comes to hose reels, but we have chosen Ocmis for several reasons that we know are not just important to us but are important to you as well.

(435) 787-1988 | 4075 N HIGHWAY 91, HYDE PARK, UTAH 84318

Ocmis is the world’s largest Hose Reel manufacturer and because of their superior quality they are number one in the industry.

With a wide range of sizes and abilities, Ocmis is the best option for your hose reel irrigation. 

Telescopic hydraulic feet

4 Speed gearbox

Power take off

Turbine flanged on the gearbox with built-in by-pass

Flexible connection pipe

Galvanized raingun trolley mounted on variable track wheels


Set of nozzles - different diameters

Winding handle

Speed equalizer

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