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Ocmis is the world’s largest Hose Reel manufacturer and because of their superior quality, they are number one in the industry.

​With a wide range of sizes and abilities, Ocmis is the best option for your hose reel irrigation. 

An Official

Performance Plus Dealer

Valley brand pivots consistently outperforms other brands in all field conditions.  

No matter your field size or problem, we will provide you with the equipment and technology to achieve maximum productivity and profitability.

A supplier of Grassland and Forage Irrigation
Systems throughout the United States and Canada

K-Lines many options include sprinklers that offer uniform water delivery, even in very hilly terrain. Pressure compensated sprinklers result in good uniformity, even with hills or longer lateral lines. K-Line irrigation is designed to fit the field (not the field altered to fit the irrigation system). K-Line can be designed around obstructions - resulting in large initial cost savings.

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